Crazy Fellow Movie OTT Release Date, Digital Rights, and Satellite Rights

Crazy Fellow Movie OTT Release Date, Digital Rights, and Satellite Rights

Adi Saikumar says that the most recent movie is called Crazy Fellow. Sri Satya Sai Arts will hire Phani Krishna Siriki, who has never made a movie before, to help with the film’s director. According to rumors, Adi will play a role in this movie that he has never played before.


Most people think that the movie “Crazy Fellow” is a comedy. Please come back later to find out what the movie is about. When Nakki’s poop sample gets mixed up with the gang’s shipment of diamonds, three friends get involved with a mafia gang.

Cast and Crew

The director of Crazy Fellow is Phani Krishna Siriki. He is in charge of how the movie is put together. Satish Muthyala did the camera work for the movie. R.R. Dhruvan wrote the film’s score, and KK Radhamohan was in charge of making the movie. Mirnaa, Aadi Saikumar, and Digangana Suryavanshi are in the movie. KK Radhamohan is making this movie with help from Sri Sathya Sai Arts.

The movie Crazy Fellow’s OTT release date, digital rights, and satellite rights

Adi Saikumar is in many movies every year, but not all of them do well at the box office. Still, he seemed more sure of himself this time. The word “Crazy Fellow” has gotten people interested.

Streaming Service for Crazy Fellow Movies (Digital Rights)

Crazy Fellow has not yet been set for a release date. A new moving poster for the movie has been put out. Please wait until the movie comes out when the people who made it will say who bought the digital rights.

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When will the movie Crazy Fellow come out?

The movie’s producers have not yet given a release date for the on-demand streaming service. However, as soon as we know that they will do so after the movie comes out in theatres, you will be the first to know.

Movie Review

Based on last week’s Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga and this week’s Settai (Crazy), Tamil filmmakers are now trying to please the audience to get more people to see their movies. Both are comedies, but what ties them together is that neither is very ambitious or interesting to most people.

It all starts when Madhu (Hansika) gets a strange box and gets her boyfriend, JK, to bring it to her. But his roommate Cheenu gives a sample of his friend Nakki’s poop to the mafia boss by mistake. Nakki’s intestines have turned to water because of a bad Ileana Chicken (Nasser). Now that the gang is close behind them, the three friends ask fellow journalist Shakthi for help to get out of this terrible situation.

Settai, a remake of Delhi Belly, has the same great poop jokes as the original, but this is the only good thing about the movie. The main idea behind Delhi Belly was the old “accidental swap” plot. For the Tamil version (which the producers prefer to call an “adaptation”), director Kannan replaced the original’s edginess, which was shown through its irreverence, portrayal of modern relationships, dirty visual style, and yes, even its profanity, with broad humor and a very traditional way of developing characters and plot. Even though this isn’t always a bad thing, it makes the movie a lot less unique.

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When Seenu’s girlfriend breaks up with him, he looks at his fantasy song to figure out what was lost in translation. Unfortunately, the song’s staging is so quiet that it feels more like a joke than it does justice to the lyrics and melody. Even if you believe that the other songs are in the movie for business reasons (whatever that may mean), the way they are pictured is so boringștii (foreign locations, Caucasian dancers, and the like). Kannan also made every important character speak Tamil, which is strange since the movie is set in Bombay. The movie could have easily taken place in North Madras without losing anything.

But even with all of these sacrifices, if the movie works, it’s mostly because of Akshat Verma’s story, which uses the humor that comes from being confused by a switch. Some of John Mahendran’s phrases are right on, but they don’t stand out (Taste-a irundhalum chewing gum-a thuppi Thaana aganum). As for the acting, Arya, Premgi, and Santhanam all do a good job of being dirty housemates. In reality, Santhanam uses his character’s situation to make toilet humor, both original and copied, with great joy. Even though he copies Vijay Raaz’s performance, Nasser has a lot of fun with the part, and it’s hard to imagine any other Tamil actor doing a better job of being a bad guy and making people laugh at the same time. As for the women, Anjali does a great job as a hip reporter, and Hansika’s lip-sync is funny.

If you forget that there was a Delhi Belly, you’ll enjoy this movie, especially if you like sci-fi.

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When and what time does Crazy Fellow come out on OTT?

Unannounced, the makers of Crazy Fellow have not yet said.

Where can we see Crazy Fellow? /Where can I see the movie Crazy Fellow?

Soon, the Crazy Fellow movie will be shown in theatres.

Who bought the over-the-top (OTT) rights to Crazy Fellow?

The people who made Crazy Fellow haven’t said yet.

Is Crazy Fellow successful or not?

The movie Crazy Fellow hasn’t come out yet, so it’s hard to say if it will do well or not.

Can you watch the movie Crazy Fellow on Netflix?

No, it’s not on Netflix right now.

Is Crazy Fellow available on Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video doesn’t have it.

Does Aha Video have Crazy Fellow in its collection?

No, it’s not on the Aha Video site.

Can you watch the movie Crazy Fellow on Hotstar?

It can’t be found on Hotstar.

What does it mean to go too far?

The complete form of OTT is Over the Top Platform.

Final Words

Crazy Fellow, the next feature film by Adi, is being made, but there is no release date set at this time.