NewasianTv: Watch Asian Drama, Shows & Movies

NewasianTv: Watch Asian Drama, Shows & Movies

In the past few years, Asian drama has been one of the most-watched types of video entertainment. This type of entertainment seems to have grown and become very big popular. It has become one of, if not the most popular thing on TV right now. In the past year and a half, Asian movies and TV shows have become more popular. This is likely because of the global pandemic, which kept everyone home. The lockdown was a very boring time for most people. Movies and TV shows were some of the few things that kept people from being bored.

Kdramas like “Melting Me Softly,” “Habeek,” and “Tempted,” which are a type of TV show that was already becoming more popular, saw a big jump in the number of people who watched them. A few VOD systems let you watch premium content, but none of them have enough Asian content to satisfy the audience. People need a source of Asian drama that never ends and keeps going.

When you think about how most of the people watching these videos don’t speak any of their languages, this request seems strange. But that hasn’t stopped people from becoming more and more in love with and almost obsessed with it. One could even say that the mystery of these materials is increased by how hard the languages are to understand.

In the modern urban speech, it has become common for women to look up to and respect the male characters in these works. Who could find fault? These men are very tall, have beautiful hair, and have the clearest skin. Why aren’t they the grandfather of every woman?

As people worldwide learn about and become more interested in Asian TV shows, they must always be available and easy to get to. Another problem is understanding, or being more specific, getting past the language barrier. Since these movies and TV shows aren’t always made for the whole world, being able to watch an endless number of them is a unique thing to do. This goes along with being able to understand what is being seen.

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In this post, we’ll look at four trustworthy sites that give you free, unrestricted access to “Kdrama” items and episodes with accurate and quick English subtitles.

NewsasianTV is another website where you can watch and download Asian dramas, movies, and other video content. You can watch Thai films, Chinese films, Philippines films, Taiwanese films, and drama series on the site. It is also a very safe choice. Even though the website doesn’t have a download button, there is a way to get around this.

Here are a few ways to download NewsasianTV:

Chrome add-on for downloading videos

First, you have to add the Video Downloader professional chrome extension to your Google Chrome browser. Then, go to and sign in. Click on the video you want to watch, and it will start to play. Click the icon for the video downloader in the bar of Chrome extensions. Click the video size you want, and the download will start.

Downloading videos from the web

This is the method that has been around the longest. Go to, sign in, and choose the video you want to watch. Copy the video’s URL and go to a well-known online video downloader like,, dovideo, etc., in a new tab or window. Paste the copied URL into the downloader page and click the download button.

“Tale of the Nine-Tailed” 2020, “Begin Again” 2020, “Start-Up” 2020, “Penthouse: War in Life,” “The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion,” “Love Is Sweet,” and “Man in a Veil” are some of the most popular movies you can watch on the site right now.

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Interface for graphic users

The user interface for NewsasianTV is very flexible and has a wide range of settings that make it easier to get around and make the whole experience more enjoyable. Also, the service lets you change the quality of the video as you watch. This feature lets you use your watch and save data simultaneously.


The top part of the website’s homepage shows a loop of drama posters that have just come out. After this section, there are thumbnails of some popular dramas, movies, and Korean TV shows that you might like. At the bottom of the page, you can find a list of popular TV shows. Also, the page is dynamic because it changes when you choose something from the menu.

The quality of the content

Asian dramas are beautiful to watch and listen to; there’s no doubt about that. The scenery and the looks of the actors and actresses always take your breath away. NewsasianTV has videos in high definition (HD), so you can enjoy all of these things about Asian dramas.

In addition to movies and drama series, the website lets users know about the latest news in the Asian entertainment industry and lets them see previews of upcoming shows. You can also tell us what you think about the videos. You can also save the content to your bookmarks and sign up to get updates on new releases.

Sorting and putting things in order

The website is organized to be easy to understand and looks great. Also, it’s great that the content is organized to make it easy to find what you’re looking for. The fact that the shows are listed in alphabetical order makes it easier to find something specific.

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The website has entertainment shows from Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States, and India. The drama list category has three subcategories:

  • Upcoming dramas.
  • Dramas that are currently airing.
  • Dramas that have already aired.

In the request section, there are two subcategories: desired list and request drama.

Unlike many other websites, the NewsasianTV site is very safe and full of things to do. There are no annoying ads, slow streaming, or problems with downloading. You will not have to download it in a hard or dangerous way. The NewsasianTV website is less likely to hurt the safety of your data and information. Still, it would be best to use a VPN to protect your IP address so that cybercriminals and government agents can’t find out where you are or what else you do online.


As the number of people who want to watch Asian TV shows has grown, many websites that meet this need have also grown. Even though these materials are on hundreds of platforms, only a few are useful and recommended. As this text clarifies, you should be careful when you visit these websites. Overall, media with an Asian theme has made it into the mainstream and will stay there. Maybe soon, people who don’t speak English as their first language will be able to say a few things in one or more Asian languages.