Are Fileinvite and onboard Software the best Hightail Alternative? Or any other software is present.

Are Fileinvite and onboard Software the best Hightail Alternative? Or any other software is present.

Hightail is a cloud storage service that allows users to transfer files, photos, videos, or other documents or media files.

In 2004, three main faces named Ranjith Kumaran, Amir Shaikh and Khalid Shaikh founded cloud storage. And they name this Yousendit. Three of them planned this for long years and finally in 2004 thet5 successfully fulfilled their plan.

At the start g of this cloud storage, they got a huge and good positive response from customers. In a few months, they gained more than 30 thousand customers for cloud storage. They tried up with different kinds of companies and other cloud storage systems and gained business and popularity among customers. But in 2013, they changed the name from Yousendit to Hightail.

The headquarter of Hightail is located in San Mateo, California. Hightail cloud storage service support in all devices. Mac, Windows, iOS devices, and Android users can easily access this cloud storage. There is a free version and a premium version also available. Users use both features as what they can want.

Highway cloud storage service was started in004; at that time, technology was not as advanced as today’s technology. Technology improves itself day by day. Always new technology comes into the market. And for the effect of new technologies, many cloud storage services have been presented that can be said to Hightail alternatives. Many new technologies introduce many advantages cloud storage that can be now Customer perfect choice that user used them as Hightail Alternative too. But the other services are great compared to Hightail. Is there Hightail alternative. Here in this article, we discuss the options to Hightail alternatives and are they beneficial for users or not.

Benefits of using Hightail:

Hightail is a software tool for commercial and creative teams creating appealing visual content that allows them to review and approve their work. Hightail is a cloud-based system that allows teams to share files, analyze feedback, and approve material in one location, expediting creativity and ensuring that marketing campaigns are delivered on time. When you can start using the Hightail Service, you can get some unlimited best features that make your experience super cool. The features are mentioned below-

  • Audit Trail
  • Comment feature
  • Customer handling features
  • Commercial tool
  • Content manage
  • 24×7 customer care service
  • Tools for collaboration
  • Encryption
  • File sharing and transfer benefits
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Besides the features mentioned above and benefits, you can easily get more than you can use freely. But there are some limitations when accessing the free version of Hightail. But on the other hand, if you purchase their subscription, you can get lots of benefits from this service and use all the software features.

What are the alternative options to Hightail?

Standing in the year 2022, we can say that science and technology have improved a lot compared to the late 90s or early 20s. In today’s generation, day by day, science introduces new technologies, all of which prove themselves to customers and users. Customer also likes them and prefer the technology for their extremely great features and extraordinary benefits that they offer to Customer.

So in 2022, we can say that Hightail is the best cloud storage service for customers. In the market, there are lots of cloud storage service and Software that claims that they are the best hightail alternative. And that users previously use also hightail claims that hightail alternative’s Software benefits them. And many of them have already switched to other Software for their technologies.

So what are the options for Hightail alternative? You are confused that what softwares is the best hightail alternative that which one you should try. Then below we share some hightail alternatives and what they offer their customers.

  1. FileInvite:

For any organization that wants to automate the procedure across a client base, for then FileInvite is the best solution. When we are talking about hightailing alternatives, the first name is FileInvite. It is one of the best hightail alternatives. FileInvite is an informational and document-seeking solution.

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FileInvite is particularly well suited to individuals in the financial services industry, such as loan and mortgage applications, but it is offered to all with sustainable subscription-based pricing. The service claims improved network connectivity and storage security over standard email systems, using SSL/HTTPS encryption to protect critical customer data.

This, combined with the capacity to send several requests in one go while keeping track of their progress, facilitates a more efficient data collection process.

  1. Weavy:

Weavy is a combination and collaboration of API and SDK. Weavy is the next Hightail alternative that users must know for those using cloud storage services to transfer or share any kind of data, information, media files, etc. Increase user engagement, boost in-app engagement, and decrease customer churn by integrating contextual activity streams, chat, and content collaboration into your apps.

All Weavy features include contextual integrations with third-party technologies that your users are already familiar with, like Zoom and Teams video conferencing, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Box file sharing, document sync, and versioning. Weavy enables app developers to quickly add functionality that users require to be productive and engage within the app experience.

  1. OnBoard Management Software:

The OnBoard board data platform simplifies complex processes so that committees can focus on their mission—bringing their organization’s vision to life.

Experience a board portal with a digital ledger for members, executives, and administrators, as well as easy data and analytics, on any device, in any location, at any time. Are you ready to use OnBoard for the first time? A short 30-day trial is available by contacting us.

  1. MASV:

MASV is the best user-friendly and simple tool for multimedia and artistic professionals to send huge files securely  unlike some other data transmission services, is built to handle extremely big files (up to 5TB in size), the same number that chokes out other systems. MASV has two primary roles: you may transmit files to specific recipients or use MASV Portals to allow clients or partners to send you files.

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In any situation, sender and recipient and recipients profit from a process as simple as sending an e – mail. MASV has no document size limitations, is significantly faster than the competitors, and is extremely user-friendly. It’s a simple choice because the pricing is completely pay-as-you-go.

  1. File cloud:

FileCloud is a secure government content collaboration platform (CCP) that serves millions of users worldwide, including Fortune 1000 companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and managed service providers.


After going through the what are the options to Hightail alternative? We are sure that we will gain some knowledge about the hightail alternatives. But there is no end. We are here just mentioned some of the hightail alternatives. In the market, there are a lot of alternatives present and have some unexpected best features also. So you can check out all of them and choose what hightail alternatives is best for you.


  1. Is FileInvite the best hightail alternative?

There is no doubt that FileInvite is one of the best hightails alternative. It always offers better quality and better experience than Hightail. Also, it has some extraordinary benefits and features over Hightail. It uses SSL/HTTPS encryption to protect critical customer data. This, combined with the capacity to send several requests in one go while keeping track of their progress, facilitates a more efficient data collection process.

  1. Mention some best hightail alternatives?

MASV, Weavy, File cloud, FileInvite, OnBoard Management Software, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Box, Egnyte, Wrike, and Asana are some best hightail alternatives. But besides them, there are a lot of Software and alternatives present.

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