Top-10 Alternatives of YTS

Top-10 Alternatives of YTS

YTS is a torrent website integrated into almost every user’s daily routine worldwide. This website has gained enormous supremacy over other piracy websites throughout the years. Due to its superb software application and installation compatibility, its website is among the most popular.

In numerous languages and genres, there is a broad range of movies, TV programs, and online series. You can download web series from various websites. In this article, we are coming up with a shortlist of substitutes for YIFY/YTS, which are still accessible.

What is YTS?

The YTS torrent movie website focuses on how to avail yourself of Hollywood and Bollywood films for free. Due to the restricted resources accessible on this streaming site, the site’s popularity has declined substantially in recent months, according to a Google Trends investigation. Users are unhappy with the website’s performance, but we promise not to disappoint you again.

List of Working YTS Proxy Sites:

Proxy Sites Status Speed
 siteget Online Very Fast
filesdownloader Online Very Fast
freeproxy Online Very Fast
torrentbay Online Very Fast
 sitenable Online Very Fast
siteget Online Very Fast
freeanimesonline Online Very Fast

Top-10 working YTS alternatives

The sector’s expansion has resulted in the creation of new torrent services daily. It’s impossible to predict whether torrent platforms such as YTS will survive in the future. We’ve put together a list of YTS alternatives below:

1.    Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay has a search tab for torrent files and magnet links. It developed several decades previously to find up-to-date torrents. Users can get magnet links instantly using a torrent download tool.

On the other hand, its appeal stemmed partly from making it simple to find links to illegal files, such as those that infringe copyright rules in numerous nations. The Pirate Bay’s inventors were liable for aiding copyright violations and sentenced to jail time in Sweden.

2.    RARBG:

Regarding BitTorrent search engines, RARBG isn’t as appealing as 1337x, but it’s still well-organized. When you search for something, you’ll get detailed results with symbols indicating the torrent’s genre, so you can quickly identify which results are relevant to your search (such as movies) and which aren’t (like music or others).

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RARBG is excellent for newer torrents, so it’s probably not your best pick if you’re looking for something old, obscure, or difficult to find. Despite the odd pop-up advertising, RARBG is a fantastic location to visit for quality versions of recently released torrents.

3.    Extratorrent: is an alternative torrent site host, yet it is the world’s second most popular torrent site compared to other torrent sites. You can download anything here, including movies and game software. Perform a search for the magnet link and begin downloading.

If you start downloading and turn off your computer or laptop, the downloaded data will still be available. When you restart your desktop or laptop, you can continue installing. Searching for a movie and obtaining several different links here is pretty simple. Choose the best connection, read the description, and start downloading.

4.    LimeTorrents:

LimeTorrents is a relatively unknown torrent site. Unfortunately, distinguishing between the genuine LimeTorrents site and an impostor attempting to defraud you of free traffic or convince you to download malware is difficult. A simple search yields a slew of spammy and harmful sites that fill the first page, but the top place isn’t listed.

Lime Torrents begins at an excellent beginning. Although the home page appears outdated, it is clean and free of pop-ups, spyware, or spam that could hijack your browser.

5.    1337X:

The torrent site is aesthetically attractive, with everything from the article page to the search rankings section resilience and self. Due to the classification of torrents, 1337x appeals to an enormous audience of torrent fans. You may browse for videos, Tv programmes, games, songs, software, animation, and other content.

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In addition, this YTS torrent basis for conclusions is a trending section that employs all the famous and emerging torrents rather than manually looking for them. If Yify pictures aren’t operating and you choose to get torrents for videos, applications, and technology, 1337x will be your next best option.

6.    EZTV:

EZTV has become one of the biggest and most popular torrent websites, but it isn’t among its top five. Torrent search results, which enable you to search many torrent trackers for items continuously, are probably recognizable to you. In terms of torrents provided, EZTV is only second to RARBG.

Torrent search results are undoubtedly familiar, letting you simultaneously search many torrent trackers for items. We’re talking about blogs that generate lots of subscribers!

7.    Kickass Torrents:

As its name suggests, the kickass torrent is one of the leading websites in the floods supplying website category. It is one of the most powerful and oldest torrent services, but its popularity has been dwindling in recent months due to the presence of some undesired torrent files on its official website. However, we propose that you use this website since it has the most powerful torrent search engine, which, unlike other torrent websites, will supply you with the needed torrent file in just a few clicks.

8.    01 Torrent:

Because of its unique features and movies for free content for all users, this similar torrent site to YTS will be our first choice on this list. Most people utilize this torrent portal as a substitute for the YTS video website. You will undoubtedly find the movie you are searching for every moment you visit this website. You will also notice that new content is being posted in a much shorter time. Except for films and TV episodes, this torrent site also has the most recent Mp3 audio files. You can obtain any movie without having to sign up.

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9.    MagTors:

This alternative to the YTS review website is not a simple torrent website. Instead, this torrent website can be thought of as a hosting torrent that aggregates torrent files from many domains. It has roughly 4 million global active users and is well-liked by everyone who uses it. The most significant disadvantage of this website from the users’ perspective is that every link offered on this website will direct you to other websites that may or may not be secure, which is why this torrent hosting website is not popular.

10. CiniSearch:

CiniSearch, unlike the other websites mentioned above, is recognized and appreciated torrents of TV episodes and online series in several languages. The most popular mini-series on this platform are American and Indian television shows. However, this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of finding movie torrents on this platform. On the other hand, users can use CiniSearch to obtain torrents among the most popular films. However, its primary focus remains on web series, which are the greatest in this category.


The most important thing to remember about torrents is to avoid downloading information, which are under copyright. Fastest VPN does not support illegally downloading movies, TV series, or other software. Additionally, have an antivirus programme running because torrents might include malware.

We are proactive so that you can identify the best YTS replacement. You can pick any choice as they’re all excellent at what they do.


  1. Is YTS prohibited in India?

Accessing and transferring files from torrent websites is impossible as long as the materials are viewed and used for personal use.

  1. Is there anything greater than YTS?

If Yify movies aren’t working, Lime Torrent is among the most effective YTS alternatives for downloading torrent files.

  1. Is YTS PM a safe product?

Yes, it is secure.

  1. What does YTS stand for?

YIFY Torrent Solutions is abbreviated as YTS.

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