How to Add Interest to a Basic Outfit

How to Add Interest to a Basic Outfit

One of the best ways to add interest to a basic outfit is to layer. Wearing a dress under a sweater can take an ordinary outfit from day to night. When worn with heels, this can add a pop of color and style. Wearing a statement piece of jewelry can also elevate an otherwise ordinary outfit. In addition to layering, you can also play with texture and color. By mixing up colors, you can add pops of interest to a basic outfit.

If you’re going for a classic, minimalist look, try using colors that aren’t normally associated with each other. For example, a soft yellow dress with a blue skirt will look chic when worn with a black handbag. You can also try pairing a bag with a darker, angular shade of blue if you want to make an outfit more edgy and daring. Adding contrasting pieces of jewelry will instantly make a basic outfit look more polished and expensive.

One of the most popular fall trends is the cinched waist. Wearing a belt with a bold color will add complexity to a plain outfit and emphasize curves. Adding color to a basic outfit can be intimidating if you aren’t sure how to approach it, so try adding a pop of colour with one or two accent pieces. Try looking at a color wheel to get some ideas on how to incorporate colour into your wardrobe.

When mixing textures to your wardrobe, you can instantly add a luxe finish to a basic outfit. Textured materials, like suede, are a great way to instantly make an outfit appear richer. The same goes for mixing and matching textures. Adding a pair of suede or leather slides will also bring a new element to your ensemble. A touch of ruffles on a skirt will give it an updated look.

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Another way to spice up an otherwise boring outfit is to add accessories. A scarf can add a cool, trendy look to an otherwise dull outfit, and it can keep you warm on cold days. Choose a scarf in a contrasting colour or print – knitted scarves are great for chilly days, while colourful ones are great for spring. Accessories like jewelry can also add interest and sparkle to an outfit. A scarf with a pattern on it can be a great accessory to spice up an otherwise dull look.

Another way to spice up an otherwise plain outfit is to wear a hat. A turban, beret, or head scarf can add a little extra flair to your ensemble. You can even add a visor or a hat to cover your hair when you are feeling under the weather. If you’re feeling low on confidence, you can try a hat to cover up your hairstyle.

A colorful bag can be an excellent way to add a pop of color to an otherwise plain ensemble. A bright bag can also add fun personality to an otherwise basic ensemble. Besides a bright bag, a patterned purse can also add an extra pop of color to a basic outfit. To get more outfit ideas, use Pinterest to help you out. Just do a search on the site and you’ll be presented with hundreds of outfits.

Mixing prints and patterns will add more life to your wardrobe and make it more fun. While you’re already rocking a block-colored ensemble, why not add a little spice? Mix patterns of various sizes, shapes, and colors to create a fun and interesting look. Try mixing and matching florals, gingham, and checks. Remember that patterns should complement each other – pick a focal design and accent it with a pattern of a complementary color palette.

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The latest fashion trends are always changing, so stay on top of them. You can even try new styles in your closet when you’re not in a mood to shop! For example, you can always buy a denim from a vintage store or rent them from a brand like Ganni or Levis. Whatever you do, make sure that you love the look and feel good in it. The key to dressing well is having a wardrobe full of items that you love to wear.


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