What is Zooqle?, Features, Zooqle Alternatives, or Sites like Zooqle

What is Zooqle?, Features, Zooqle Alternatives, or Sites like Zooqle

Zooqle is the torrent search engine for the file-sharing category. In Zooqle, there are more than 20 alternatives through different websites and apps. It is user-friendly and also keeps pirated files away. Zooqle provides many services to users on its sites like game music, movie, videos, books, images, etc.

Zooqle presents an alternative for torrent lovers, whose numbers are growing and growing. For free, let’s download torrent games and in-app purchases, movies, music, and software. Zoogle doesn’t collect personal information from users. Zooqle provides the user with a set-up of alternatives and is a timely alternative to sites such as Pirate Bay. Zooqle is supposed to make it easier to find content online. The search engine is split into categories, such as TV Shows, Torrents, Music, News, and Movies.

Features of Zooqle:

The features of Zoggle are almost the same as that of other search engine platforms. But some special features add extra features to it.

  • Zooqle only provides verified content to its users. Best quality content is uploaded on the sites that no user can have difficulty downloading.
  • Zooqle is famous for its virus-free content. Some of the users may find difficulty in other torrent sites.
  • Users can download the verified content through BitTorrent and uTorrent applications.
  • While logging in to Zooqle, keep your VPN on; otherwise, the IP address will be visible.
  • Most users download Hollywood and Bollywood movies, providing subtitle options. Also, the latest movies are uploaded in a short period.

Top 10 Zooqle Alternatives:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. ISO Hunt
  3. Extra Torrent
  4. Bit Snoop
  5. EZTV
  6. Torrent King
  7. Torrent Galaxy
  8. YTS
  9. IDope
  10. PC Games Torrent

Here is the detailed information about the Zooqle Alternatives applications. Let’s check it out one by one.

  • The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay was founded in 2003 on 15th September. It allows users to download and upload content without piracy and virus. It is one of the best Zooqle alternatives available on the websites. It allows users to download the content without doing any login procedure directly. There is no Metalink available, thou you can download faster through Metalink.

  • ISO Hunt:

ISO Hunt is also the Zooqle alternative for torrent search engines. Gary Fung founds this website. This site offers many features like downloading, sharing, uploading, or searching. The site is preferable for TV and movie watchers as it refreshes its content more regularly than others.

  • Extra Torrent:

Though this site is closed, it was in the top 5 list of torrent search engines. It has BitTorrent protocol where anyone can download their content with easy access to the magnet link. On this website, any user can still find torrents like movies, music, games, and software in your humble pirate’s best class release. Just check out the latest -yous and make sure you download them easily.

  • Bit Snoop:

Bit Snoop is also currently shut down but is now handed over to

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Zooqle. It was also like other torrent search engines, which were founded in the year 2008. It was also the fastest-growing site but was shut down in 2017. Narrowly beaten out by well-known torrent search engine The Pirate Bay. Although there is the torrent search engine Crash Buttle, founded in the year 2000, it is not as popular as Bit Snoop.

  • EZTV:

One of the things that makes the internet so great is that it is a great resource for those who want to know more. Websites that help people find great content online are no longer a rarity. The only issue is that many don’t know what they are looking for. Sites like EZTV are great online places people can use to find their content. EZTV is currently defunct; this site was launched in the year 2005. EZTV used to provide its services worldwide, leaving some of them. This site was famous for the TV serials it used to upload.

  • Torrent King:

Torrent King is the torrent search engine for the movies it uses to show. Most movie watchers prefer Torrent King to download movies with ease. Torrent King is a new and unique torrent site developed to accommodate movie watchers who prefer to download. Although we still prefer streaming, downloaders want a more accessible way to watch their favorite movies without waiting several hours to watch them.

  • Torrent Galaxy:

Torrent Galaxy is one of the best Zooqle alternatives because it is available with music, video, movies, games, etc. The best feature of Torrent Galaxy is that users can search any movie by only typing the IMDb I’d. It is also the alternative after the Extra Torrent was shut down.

  • YTS:

The torrent search engine YTS allows users to download movies at 3d quality and in a short period. YTS is a torrent search engine that lets users access large collections of high-quality films, TV series, and music at no cost, even in HD quality, so they can stream it and watch it offline on mobile. Torrents are one of the most popular ways to get movies online. This trend has led to YTS, a torrent search engine that removes the requirement for users to download a file before watching. The company is taking advantage of the new changes in the industry to pursue a business model which allows people to watch movies without downloading them.

  • iDope:

iDope is just like Google, where the users can just put the title, and it’s available with various alternatives. So, it is easily accessible for the user by typing the keyword they want to search. One of the most significant features is the ability to include an API. The API enables users to access the service through any API-compatible software program. For example, they can use the API to provide services to third-party applications. The main difference with iDope is that it doesn’t consume all the users’ bandwidth with tracking and adverts. It is just a search engine, with the difference being it’s entirely free for the user to use. Unlike most other ad-supported search engines, it gives the user more control and freedom.

  • PC Games Torrent:

One of the best torrent search engines for the gaming person. On PC Games Torrent, one can quickly get the PC games as soon as it is launched. It gives you lots of variety in-game with your favorite choice. Go to PC Games Torrent and download it if you are the one in-game. So, here are the top 10 Zooqle Alternatives with their features. What is Zooqle and what are its unique feature is also mentioned above.

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Zoogle is a leading torrent search engine that offers users access to millions of torrent files. Zoogle has a zero-percent ad-supported business model and has been offering free and free trial downloads. This establishes it as one of the Zoogle has become one of the most significant torrent search engines in recent years. The site’s popularity has been on the rise ever since it went live back in 2007. From the layout to its user-friendly interface, Zoogle is a site anyone can use to search the vast variety of torrent files and download them with a few simple clicks.


  1. What is Zooqle?

Zooqle is the torrent search engine used for uploading and downloading files.

  1. Which Zooqle Alternative is the best?

The Pirate Bay is one of the best Zooqle alternatives used by most torrent search engine users.

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