Gaalivaana Web Series OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time and more

Gaalivaana Web Series OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time and more

They are Ajay (Charith) and Geetha (Nikitha Shree). They are the sons of Saraswathi and Komarraju, both played by Charith. People who have lost a child are very upset by the murders of their loved ones. But unfortunately, the killer shows up at their homes to kill them. What did the victims’ families do to the person who did this? Killer: What is the killer’s motto, and how does it connect to the murders? You must watch Gaalivaana to find out what happens next.

Members of the cast and crew

Radikaa Sarathkum and Sai Kumar star in the Gaalivaana television series, which comprises an ensemble cast. Chandini Chowdary and Chaitanya Krishna are two of the best women in the world at what they do. An Indian woman who is named Ashrita Vemuganti is called Vemuganti. The official website for Nandini Rai Thagubothu is Ramesh Sharanya: I’m going to be there. Pradeep Armaan is an actor who is well-known in the movie business. Sri Lakshmi Surabhi Jayachandra Varma’s mother is Sri Lakshmi Surabhi Jayachandra Varma’s daughter. Satish Saripalli is an Indian businessman who lives in the United States. When Nanaji Karri Srinu Nikitha Shree was born, he was the son of Nanaji Karri Srinu Nikitha Shree.

Charith Kess is a poet from India who writes in English. Deepak Naveen Sanaka and other actors star in the series, which Sharan Koppisetty directs, with cinematography by P: Sujatha Siddharth and music by Sricharan Pakala. It was written and directed by Koppisetty. The show is made by Sameer Gogate (BBC), Sharrath Marar, and other people (Northstar Entertainment).

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Gaalivaana Over-the-Top (OTT) Platform (Digital Rights)

We hope that Gaalivaana will set some standards for the Telugu web series. We also hope that many more web series will be made in Telugu and that Gaalivaana will set a good example for other web series. OTT platform Zee5 has bought the digital rights to the show, and it will be shown on Zee5.

Release Date for the Gaalivaana Series on OTT

It is thought that the Gaalivaana web series will premiere on Zee5 in April 2022, but the show’s creators haven’t said when it will air yet. It might happen soon, though.

Advantages include:

Gaalivaana, a show made by ZEE5, is an exact Telugu translation of the BBC’s One of Us, shown in the UK. There is an interesting story in the crime thriller that makes you want to find out what happens next. We want to thank Sai Kumar, Radhika Sarathkumar, Chandini Chowdhry, Sharanya Pradeep, and Chaitanya Krishna for their great work on this show. Because they have great acting skills, the actors add to the story’s suspense.

The dialogue is very good, and the story is also very good. It looks like the filmmaker knows a lot about making things interesting.

Minus points: Even though the plot is great, Gaalivaana turns out to be a boring TV show because of the reason for the killings. Many people might have liked the show if the reason it was interesting and interesting. As a result, some episodes may have had better screenplays, making the whole series more exciting.

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Even though Gaalivaana has a lot of interesting characters, Nandini Rai, who plays the investigating officer, doesn’t seem to be very interesting to the audience. Her story doesn’t hold up when it’s looked at. Surya Shriniwaas isn’t needed for the story to move forward. The director makes a few characters to make the story longer. The filmmaker could have made many more scenes, and the plot could have been less sluggish and more exciting.

In terms of how the movie is made, the director should be applauded for writing a good plot and making the characters stand out. It is a great piece of cinematography by Sujatha Siddharth, and it lets the viewer see the East Godavari in many different ways. Music by Gowra Hari is good, but it could be even better. Santhosh Kamireddy did a good job of editing, but a lot more could be cut.


Gaalivaana is a competent crime thriller with standout performances from Sai Kumar, Radhika Sarathkumar, and a handful of other talented actors. Some of the situations in a few episodes will make you want to press the forward button on your TV set. However, to make the series a great thriller, the series’s climax should have been written better. This would have made the series even better. Except for the following, you can watch this thriller this weekend.


When will the Gaalivaana web series premiere on OTT, and when?

At some point in 2022, the Gaalivaana web series will be shown on OTT platforms for the first time.

Where can we find Gaalivaana to watch?/ I want to see the movie Gaalivaana. Where can I go to see it?

This is what Zee5 will do with its Gaalivaana show on April 14, 2022.

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Who purchased the OTT rights to the Gaalivaana web series?

Zee5 has bought the rights to the Gaalivana web series.

Is Gaalivaana Web Series a success or a failure?

Because the web series hasn’t been released yet, we can’t say if it will be a success or a failure.

How do I know if the Gaalivaana series is available on Netflix?

No, Netflix doesn’t have this movie or TV show.

Work is currently taking place in Hyderabad’s Gachibowli district to figure out the final manufacturing schedule. It was Tuesday, and some of the people in the unit talked to the media about what they did.

In his speech at the event, Radhika, a well-known actress, said: “Before, I had seen Sharath Marrar garu and Chiranjeevi garu together on a number of occasions, but I had never seen them together before. If I accept the job, I’ll hear about his story. I was interested. Because I like the story, I agreed to the deal. “Gaalivaana” has a lot of interesting people who have been written well. As a family crime thriller, it’s great. I’m very excited to be a part of it, too. My job was to help with the dubbing, and I had a great time watching the well-drawn characters. How this character turned out is good to me now that it is done. He did a great job on this project. I’m hoping this web series will be a huge hit.”