Why Magento 2 Security Extensions Are Important

Why Magento 2 Security Extensions Are Important

If you own a Magento 2 store, then you have probably wondered why it is important to use a security extension. You can choose from several different products, such as MageFence, Astra, Neklo, Firebear Studio, and more. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the most important features of each of these extensions. Hopefully, you’ll find one that will meet your needs and provide you with a more secure shopping experience.


The MageFence Magento 2 security extension protects your website from malware attacks. This extension performs scans of newly installed and existing Magento websites to prevent malware from infecting them. This extension can even protect your store from malicious content by detecting malware. During this installation, you must enable cron jobs in your web server to monitor for errors. MageFence also supports changing both the Admin Panel and the website’s URL.

This Magento extension checks for security vulnerabilities and performs a database scan for unauthorized users. It also detects users with admin privileges. It also runs a security audit of your Magento website to identify vulnerabilities and loopholes. Once detected, it alerts you if any malware has infected your website. Additionally, it checks your vendor’s reputation, social media metrics, and search engine ranking. If you have a website that uses a lot of credit cards, this extension is especially helpful.

Another important security feature is the ability to track proxy login attempts. MageFence is able to block these attempts and provides an option to change the Admin Panel URL. This extension also includes the ability to block users with admin privileges. This extension also helps protect against brute-force attacks. MageFence also has a security alarm and two-step verification plugin. It costs $299. If you need a more comprehensive security system for your store, you may want to consider MageFence or another Magento security plugin.

Another advantage of MageFence is its ability to send alerts and notifications to specific people. If someone tries to hack your site, you will be alerted immediately by an email or notification on your phone. If your website is hacked, you’ll get the alert before sensitive information is compromised or your website is blacklisted. You can also use MageFence to monitor security patches. MageFence does the job for you.

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Besides blocking shady IP addresses, the extension also allows you to block specific classes of IPs. Moreover, you can even whitelist IP addresses. This way, your site will not be vulnerable to hackers and spammers. MageFence is a must-have extension for Magento sites. When installed, your site will stay secure from hacking attacks. You can see the details of each login attempt on your web admin dashboard, including the IP of the user.


Astra’s Magento 2 security extension is an excellent choice for website owners who are concerned about cyber security. Its simple install process takes five minutes and does not require DNS settings to run. Once installed, this extension protects your Magento store from credit card hacks, malware attacks, brute force attacks, SEO spams, and other threats. The extension includes an On-demand scanner, malware cleanup, Web Application Firewall, and Community Security.

Astra understands the needs of eCommerce websites and offers custom solutions to meet those needs. Their Magento 2 security extension runs a thorough preliminary scan and detects 140+ types of security threats. The extension then analyses the website’s vulnerabilities, and a security plan is devised for you. This extension includes human support as well as phone support. Astra also automatically patches vulnerabilities in Magento and secures third-party plugins.

Astra’s Magento 2 security extension helps prevent back-office attacks and enables stores to perform Security Audits. The extension also facilitates Magento Vulnerability Assessments and GDPR compliance. Its 360-degree security solution covers your entire security needs, from data theft to hacking. The extension also enables you to perform an on-site vulnerability analysis, so you can protect your store with ease. And if you’re interested in integrating security with SEO, you can do so with the Astra security suite.


NEKLO, a bespoke software development company and Magento Solution Partner, has specialized in enhancing Magento security for more than a decade. With their extensive experience in web store security, they have developed more than 50 Magento extensions, including a custom Magento 2 security plugin. Online businesses often require a customer to enter their personal information, and the merchant is expected to take appropriate measures to protect this information. Neklo’s security extensions provide a variety of options to protect a web store from various risks.

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One Magento 2 security extension provides enhanced monitoring and alerts for failed login attempts. It protects your store from cyber attacks by preventing unauthorized users from gaining access to the admin area. It blocks IP addresses and prevents the creation of fake user accounts and prevents unauthorized users from registering on your site. Another security extension, DDoS Firewall Protection, protects your website from cyber-attacks by safeguarding against illegitimate requests. DDoS attacks cause your website to become unavailable and disrupt host services.

Mageplaza Magento 2 security extension enables secure two-factor authentication to protect your website from brute force attacks. This extension also monitors traffic in the admin panel and blocks IPs based on their IP addresses. It also blocks IPs based on their lifetime. Magfence Magento security extension is another useful extension for Magento store owners. It allows store administrators to keep track of visitors and prevent malicious code from getting access to their stores. The extension costs $159 and can be installed once.

The Custom SMTP Configuration Magento 2 extension provides full control over SMTP settings, allowing users to securely add third-party email servers without affecting the security of their Magento store. This extension also prevents spam filters by using trusted email providers. So, if you’re worried about spam or phishing attacks, the Custom SMTP extension is for you. It’s the perfect solution for your store.

Firebear Studio

If you’re looking to secure your website from hackers, you might want to consider a Magento 2 security extension from Firebear Studio. The extension’s comprehensive security features will protect your site from cyber attacks and other threats. Listed below are the features of this extension. Not only does it provide enhanced security, it can also help you protect your customers’ data. Listed below are just a few of the benefits of Firebear Studio’s Magento 2 security extension.

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Improved Import & Export – This extension includes support for various types of import sources, including data files and images. You can also choose between Dropbox and remote FTP server imports. Additionally, it also allows direct URL uploads and file imports. This means you can easily transfer data and images to your store from another website. In addition, the extension allows you to import products without having to install the software manually.

Security Suite – The Security Suite extension helps you manage user permissions. You can restrict the access of various types of users to certain elements of your store’s back-end administration, including particular products, categories, CMS pages, store views, and invoices. In addition to controlling who can see which information, it also helps you prevent malicious login attempts. The extension’s comprehensive security solutions will keep your site safe, while eliminating headaches in the middle of the night.

Improved Buying Process – This extension improves the purchasing process by automatically loading product information when a customer clicks on a product’s detail page. It also improves the customer experience, and it rockets your conversion rates. It contains nearly every functional aspect of configurable items. It’s easy to install, and will give you 24-hour protection for your store. Its comprehensive security features can be installed quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to focus on your business.

Advanced Permissions – The Advanced Permissions module offers powerful functionality for managing sub-administrators and specific data. With this security extension, you can grant sub-administrators and individual users limited access to specific data. With Advanced Permissions, you can even limit access to backend tabs and pages to specific administrators. Its advanced security module also supports Google’s 2-Step Verification algorithm, which uses a mobile device to generate a security code.


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