Cyberstalking and Modern Parenting – New Parents’ Strategies

Cyberstalking and Modern Parenting – New Parents’ Strategies

Whether you’re concerned about cyberstalking or not, there are some tips that will help you raise your child’s digital IQ. Among them are talking to your child honestly about the dangers of cyberbullying and online dating. You can also discuss the signs of the wrong company and spend at least ten minutes each day identifying their activities and daily events. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, it’s time to take action.

The impact of cyberstalking on a victim’s life is profound. In addition to the psychological toll, cyberstalking can affect a victim’s sleep patterns, weight, and personal safety. When an individual is harassed online, they can also post private information about the victim on the Internet, including addresses and phone numbers. As a result, the victim can feel threatened and might even contemplate harming themselves.

It’s important to remember that there are laws governing cyberbullying, and parents must be knowledgeable about them. By monitoring your child’s behavior and keeping a record of suspected cyberbullying, you can protect your child from the ill effects. You can also use screen shots as evidence if you ever need to go to court or report cyberbullying to law enforcement. The screen shots will be helpful as proof to the other person’s parents, employer, or police.

In addition to regulating internet access, parents can also guide their children toward age-appropriate television shows and video games. Cyberstalking and Modern Parenting: New Parents’ Strategies

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