Xender Alternatives to share, upload and download Files

Xender Alternatives to share, upload and download Files

Xender is a file-sharing app that has all communication in one convenient app. It is quick and easy to share, transfer or download files of nearly any size without having to see someone or even speak to them. What is Xender, and why should you use it?

Xender is often the only option for sharing large files between Apple users on Mac OS and Android users on Android.

What is Xender?

Xender is a peer-to-peer file-sharing application that transfers, downloads, and uploads files. Founded by Xender Team, later launched in China with Shan Chuan name. This application is available in 22 languages and user friendly. It offers many features to the users by storing text, messages, applications, music, video, etc.

Imagine sending a file as small as a text, as large as a video, in mere seconds. That is exactly what peer-to-peer technology has provided in recent years. With 1.8 million downloads in the U.S., Xender has had a successful launch in the U.S. and has even been featured in a few significant publications.

Xender is a peer-to-peer application tool developed by Xender Team (previously known as FriendsGroup) and then launched in China with ShanChuan’s name published in 2011. Launched in 2014, the Xender team has provided:

  • Quick and easy file sharing.
  • Sharing files online.
  • Transferring file storage on the internet for quicker indexing and search.

What are Xender Alternatives?

The Xender app is also banned with other 59 apps, per government notice. So, here are the Xender Alternatives users can use.

The top 6 Xender Alternatives are as follows:

  1. Files by Google
  2. Send Anywhere
  3. Share All
  4. Nearby Share
  5. Share Go
  6. Samsung Side Sync
  • Files by Google:

Google is the application that exists on each and everyone’s phone. So, there is no doubt that everyone uses Google. Google every time comes up with new user-friendly applications. Google photos, google drive and many other apps are most used.

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Another name in the list of google is the Files by Google. This Files by Google is another alternative to ShareIt. In this app, the user can not only send or receive the files but also check the folders or apps one has on their phone. The latest one is called Google Home. This application is introduced with one app. You can do multiple things at a time.

Google takes you to many different places and helps you with everything. From traveling to getting information. Tech-savvy people often use Google applications to work in their offices.

  • Send Anywhere:

The name “Send Anywhere” suggests that users can share the file anytime. It is easy to use. It connects with Wi-Fi. Large files can be sent through Wi-Fi only, or it will take time to share. This is the application that is already available on the play store and also on iOS phones.

Send anywhere needs to be easy for people to understand. Its name also tells people it can be used universally, which is key to its outreach. Individuals using Send Anywhere are looking for a solution for sending large files quickly, easily, and efficiently. It allows users to send files to anyone who receives a Send Anywhere connection without even being on the same device.

Moe Sato is the founder of Send Anywhere. Moe believes we should have peace of mind when sending files, which is why they created Send Anywhere. The company is a disaster recovery and file-sharing platform. I interviewed Moe at this year’s South by Southwest. We talked a lot about the company’s origin, the technology, and what people are doing with it. I also spoke to them about some of the obstacles that they work with when it comes to.

  • ShareAll:

ShareAll is another app users use the most after ShareIt. It also provides sharing without an internet connection. Any size file can be shared easily, like image, audio, video, etc. Also, it gives a security password, so users’ files are safe in the app.

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Share All is a PC application that enables sharing files from their device on the internet without an internet connection. It is also a peer-to-peer file-sharing application, meaning no internet connection is required to share files. This app received massive viral success in less than three weeks.

Share All app helps entertain the whole family to share their moments. With the help of the ShareAll app, people can share their favorite videos, pictures, and text messages with their friends and family. The app also supports blowing short videos and sharing audio and query files.

  • Nearby Share:

Nearby Share is an app already installed on all Android phones and is user-friendly. All the things you need to do is only on the Bluetooth and connect the devices, and when you go to Nearby Share, users can access the file they want to share or receive.

There is no requirement to install the app because it is inbuilt. It can share files easily and quickly.

When you are out and about, and you need to squeeze in a quick workout for a speedy exit, or need a great way to stay in the Halloween spirit, this app is the perfect solution for anyone on the move.

  • Share Go:

Share Go is another Xender alternative that can be used to transfer files quickly. This application is available on the play store and can be used on Android, iOS, and PC to share files. The Share provides many features Go for the users.

Share Go is a new metadata application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and provides a simple and easy-to-use file-sharing widget. Share Go also can be used and run on Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC. Share Go allows fast file transfers between any two devices, and the copy time is only a few seconds.

  • Samsung Side Sync:

Samsung Side Sync is the file-sharing service launched by Samsung on Galaxy phones and PCs. The galaxy users can are aware of this app. For other users, they can download this application from the play store. It has features of sharing and downloading files like videos, images, audio, etc.

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It is a powerful and easy-to-use file-sharing application that lets users share files on a large smartphone screen. It comes with an easy-to-understand user interface. Samsung SideSync will work with wireless networks and the internet, storing the files to be downloaded easily. Users will not need to make swaps and transfer this data manually.

Those were the top 6 Xender alternatives that users can use efficiently even though Xender is banned. Other apps that provide services like Xender, but these are the familiar ones. In these pointers, the explanation of the application is given.


  1. Which other application can be used on Android phones as Xender alternative?

We Share the app, which Android phone users can use as a Xender alternative.

  1. Is Jio Switch also a file-sharing service application?

Yes, Jio Switch is also a file-sharing application used by many users.

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