Top 2021 Software Suites to Invest to Enhance Your Business

Top 2021 Software Suites to Invest to Enhance Your Business

With technological advancement, industries are trying to enhance their business processes by adopting efficient software tools available in the market. Be it to automate salesforce or enhance accounting processes, or to boost startup or to provide exceptional customer services, all this can be executed seamlessly with management suites of today.
Here is the list of software applications that you can customize as per business requirements, budget, and industry regulations:

Salesforce CRM

It is one of the most popular tools in the software market. It is an on-demand CRM suite that also has its wings spread to the salesforce automation as well.

The tool capabilities include management of the database, leads, partner, and service post-sale. These features enable users to manage contacts, calendars, track deals, capture leads, and supervise sales performance. It can be easily synchronized with calendars, contacts, emails, and tasks across several platforms, the tool can easily collaborate with other business functions.

Sage Business Management Software

This cloud-enterprise business management suite gives you steady control over departments like HR and finance. It renders real-time information about various regular business operations that helps you to make informed decisions.

Sage, the business management software offers a range of products that have Fixed Assets, Enterprise Management, CRM, 100cloud, Construction & Real Estate, Reporting, Inventory Advisor, etc. It is armed with several features like Payment Processing, Customer Relationship, Sales & E-commerce, Services Management, Finance, Human Resources, Document Management, Manufacturing and Business Intelligence, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The software tool centered on ERP and CRM features that offer extensive functions. Customer insights options, on-premise, and cloud solutions are their forte. It’s combined with other Microsoft application which makes it smooth to connect with Office 365, LinkedIn, and Azure.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides applications across various departments and industries like customer service, sales, field service, finance and operations, talent, project service automation, retail, and marketing. Programming knowledge is not essential as the Dashboards are designed in a simple easy. The challenge is to get familiarized with the suite as initially, it makes the user bemused. It has a robust CRM framework with visual analysis for the full customer relationship stack.


  • System and Personal Dashboards
  • Chart properties
  • Standard layout options

Wave Accounting Software

This Wave cloud-based accounting software is laden with essential accounting tools and features. Easily synchronize with your credit card companies and banks. Handle balance sheets, sales tax reports, loss, and profit statements. This accounting software suite is apt for smaller businesses, especially those which has not more than 10 employees. It can’t handle huge inventory, and the user will have to upgrade to make payments via credit card. The same is applicable for goes for payroll features. The Upgraded version is available at a nominal cost. It is easy, to begin with as far as account creation is concerned. You can personalize your dashboard too that involves no cost.

WhiteSource Scanning Software

The WhiteSource scanning software takes care of the compliance and security issues of a startup. It recommends the open-source components that will suit your needs while searching online. On detecting software bugs, policy issues and security risks it will notify you of the same. A highly skilled scanning software that can work with any programming language.

LivePlan Business Plan Software

The software is considered as one of the best business plan software available in the market. Its interactive service offers a step-wise approach and has a good collection of online learning tools and cloud-based features. This tool also renders user-friendly templates to fulfill specific goals.

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LivePlan business software also offers the latest financial services that calculate financial outcomes automatically for the next five years. Import your data easily into LivePlan’s system to get an overview of how the business is performing if you use Xero or QuickBooks.

Encharge Marketing Automation Software

An marketing automation software offers an integrated approach to marketing automation. Its visual flow builder renders data like form, email previews, and step metrics. The Encharge marketing automation software also facilitates to develop segments with a couple of clicks.

Investing in the right software tools can ease overall business management. Different companies have various needs and budget set aside for such requirements. Research and choose the best for your business.


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