Must-Have Luxury Apartment Amenities

Must-Have Luxury Apartment Amenities

A movie theater is a great luxury apartment amenity. It’s easy to set up, and residents will love it. Renters can reserve the theater for community-wide movie nights, or they can book private showings. If you’re planning on offering a movie theater, make sure to have a projector and a good education program to ensure that residents enjoy their experience. If you want to go the extra mile, a movie theater is a must-have luxury apartment amenity.

An indoor movie theater

If you’re in the market for an apartment, consider renting out an old movie theater. There are plenty of luxury apartment buildings in New York City, but few offer an indoor movie theater. The Landmark Theater is one of them. It opened in 1898 but has long struggled to stay afloat. It hoped to be a restaurant and entertainment destination, like its neighbor, the Nitehawk Cinema. But the theater never got the liquor license it needed to make it a dining destination. So the theater is closing its doors in January, but the developer, Pagoda, has indicated they’ll be negotiating with the owner. Many of these old theaters are being repurposed into other uses, but most are simply luxury apartments.

For those who aren’t interested in renting out an entire movie theater, a cinema room is a great solution. Cinema rooms in luxury apartment buildings typically have an HD projector and movie screen. They also have high-end surround sound systems and comfortable seats reminiscent of movie theaters. You can even reserve the cinema room to watch your own home movies. You can also host a movie night in it with friends or family. If you’re looking for a free movie night, there are often free showings of the latest releases.

Secure and self-service package access

While high-end amenities like a gym and a pet spa require substantial investments, a seamless package experience requires no such investment. In fact, 84 percent of residents say they want secure package access that is available 24 hours a day. A package room, meanwhile, lets residents grab their packages just by walking through the front door. These are especially convenient for travelers and online shoppers.

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A fitness center and pool remain top-rated amenities for luxury apartment communities. Other must-haves include a co-working space, a package-solution, and a pool. Some communities even cater to pets, offering services such as dog grooming and a dog run. Whether you’re looking for a posh apartment community or a quaint starter home, a fitness center and pool are must-haves for any luxury living space.

Package management solutions have several benefits. Not only does a package room keep your deliveries safe, it also prevents the risk of packages being stolen or missed. A package room can also automate notifications and other services, so residents aren’t left out on important mail and packages. By using a package locker or self-service package room, you’ll prevent unclaimed packages from creating chaos in the office and lobby.

For those interested in self-service package management, some buildings have already outsourced package management. Fetch, for example, partners with a network of package storage facilities and coordinates with residents to schedule package deliveries. This option removes the burden from the property manager and helps avoid the hassle of daily deliveries at the building. And by removing the property manager from the equation, residents can also enjoy self-service package management.

Some new luxury apartment buildings are piling on amenities to attract tenants. Some of them include day spas, fitness centers, rooftop community centers, and pools. While most people don’t consider these amenities necessities, these features make an apartment stand out from the crowd. In a city like New York, this can make a big difference in the appeal of a luxury apartment. A high-end building can offer extras like yoga studios, valet trash pickup, and a fitness center.

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The convenience of secure and self-service package access is another must-have luxury apartment amenity. Many people do not have time to pick up packages every day. A self-service package access is a great convenience for those who work on the go. Secure and self-service package access can make it easier for renters to receive packages and take them to their offices. It’s an excellent option for a modern apartment, as well.

In-unit laundry

An in-unit laundry set is one of the most requested amenities in apartments. This convenience is desirable for renters and landlords alike, and it is worth the added cost. However, not every apartment will offer an in-unit laundry set, which may cause vacancies or high turnover rates. Read on for some benefits of in-unit laundry, and avoid some of the disadvantages. If you’re considering renting an apartment, make sure to read the lease agreement thoroughly.

An in-unit laundry is an important amenity in a luxury apartment. A luxury building with in-unit laundry will be much more desirable than one that doesn’t offer this amenity. Many luxury renters find that a washer and dryer are essential and don’t want to deal with the hassle of going to the building laundry room to clean clothes. An in-unit laundry will save you time and energy.

Renters and tenants alike appreciate the convenience of an in-unit washer and dryer, but there are a few drawbacks. Most renters don’t own a laundry machine, and most of them don’t have the necessary adapters and cables. In addition to this, in-unit laundry can increase maintenance costs, so make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to search for an apartment with an in-unit laundry.

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In-unit laundry is another must-have luxury apartment amenity. Many apartment buildings don’t have laundry facilities on-site, and some residents prefer to use their own appliances. A built-in washer and dryer will save them time and money. One of the biggest advantages of in-unit laundry is that you can wash a load whenever you like. You can also save money by not having to wait for a machine to be empty on weekends. And the laundry machines can be left open so that you can wash them later.

In-unit laundry is an essential luxury apartment amenity for modern renters. Not only does it help you save money, it also makes your life easier. In-unit laundry is a great convenience for renters, especially if you have a large family. Another important luxury apartment amenity is an outdoor terrace. You can even add a coffee shop in the building for your tenants to enjoy.

Another must-have luxury apartment amenity is a laundry room. It helps you wash clothes at home and avoid spending extra money at a laundromat. Having a large closet will allow you to store all of your clothing, shoes, camping equipment, and even children’s toys. There is even a dog park nearby to keep your pet off the street and avoid traffic jams.

If you do not require in-unit laundry, you can get by with less expensive traditional apartments. In-unit laundry is a major benefit, but the price can be prohibitive for some renters. In-unit laundry should be one of the must-have luxury apartment amenities, but make sure to check what it includes before you sign up for a lease. For the most comprehensive list of apartment amenities, take the Apartment Match quiz to find the right apartment for you.


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