Advertising Conquest Campaigns – How to Target Competitors Customers

Advertising Conquest Campaigns – How to Target Competitors Customers

To gain a foothold in a specific audience, advertise your business to their competitors’ customers. This practice of targeting your competitors’ customers with ads is known as conquesting. It is an underutilized way to obtain new users. However, the digital age has made this approach very easy. First, you must identify which competitors’ customers you want to target. Then, you should build a list of these people.

To start your advertising conquest campaigns, you need to know which keywords to use. For higher awareness searches, you should use ad copy that creates curiosity or solves a problem. Further down the funnel, you need to bring price into play. However, it is important to make compelling arguments to make people return to your website. Here are some ways to use the keyword tool. You may also try to use paid search, social media, or mobile ads.

A competitive conquesting campaign can be effective for stealing traffic, leads, and sales from your competitors. However, you should take note of some tips and precautions to avoid legal problems. One important thing to remember is that your competitor’s brand name must not be trademarked; if you use it in your ad copy or display URL, it can lead to massive penalties. In addition, ad groups are containers for keywords and ad copy. To keep everything together, consider creating an organization structure with landing pages.

A simple strategy for advertising conquest campaigns is to identify which products your competitors are promoting and how they are making calls to action. Using a tool such as Moat can help you find out what your competitors are promoting and where they are putting their money. You should be able to see many examples of conquest advertising campaigns in Google and other search engines. By using a high-frequency approach and thought leadership, you can “own” the space you wish to target.

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The best results from a conquesting campaign are usually obtained with a multi-channel strategy. Traditional media, such as print and digital media, are not adequate as most people get their information from different sources. An effective multichannel approach will allow you to reach a wider audience and maximize your advertising dollars. But it does require active campaign management. If you can’t manage a multi-channel campaign, hire an advertising agency.

Conquesting – the strategy of using keywords and data segments to target customers of competitors. Using the brand names and product names of competitors in your SEM and display ads, conquesting advertising can sneak up on your competition. By targeting these customers, you can catch their customers in-market before they reach you. By doing this, you can take advantage of the high search-volume competitors have.

By targeting competitors’ customers, you can build a database of customers who are already interested in your product. Your competitors’ competitors will notice your increased CPC. By creating a competitor-targeted campaign, you invite your competitors to do the same. Besides, you invite your competitors to join the bidding war, which is bad for your advertising budget and your competition’s quality score.

In addition to using geofencing marketing, you can also use it to target visitors of your competitor’s locations. For example, if you sell liquor, you can geo-target shoppers who regularly visit liquor stores. For home goods, geo-targeting customers who are fond of DIY and Lowes can be an effective way to attract new business. Similarly, geo-conquesting campaigns can be effective for wining over potential new customers and converting them into paying customers.

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