10 Best Artificial Intelligence Movies to Watch

10 Best Artificial Intelligence Movies to Watch

If you haven’t seen one of the many artificial intelligence movies yet, you’re missing out. These movies explore the potential of this technology to save the world. While the premise of these movies is somewhat similar, they are significantly different in terms of their overall storyline. The movies generally feature one main AI villain, Agent Smith. Though Agent Smith is pitiless and single-minded, he appears to care about humanity. It’s never made clear why he has so much hatred for humans, but it’s clear that he is a lot different than us.

One movie focusing on the potential of AI to save the world is Minority Report. This movie makes the use of AI as a central theme, as well as the precogs’ abilities, to translate human behavior into information for law enforcement. Despite its focus on AI, this movie also criticizes society rather than artificial intelligence. Nonetheless, it’s an entertaining movie. 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Movies to Watch

The Matrix, a remake of the 1981 animated science fiction movie Heavy Metal, is also a popular film based on the technology. Both movies reimagine a world ruled by technology, with the art style changing to reflect the different technologies and methods of living. Another popular artificial intelligence movie is 2001: A Space Odyssey, a Stanley Kubrick masterpiece. The plot revolves around a human scientist, known as “Neo,” and his journey to Jupiter with an artificial lifeform known as HAL (Heuristically programmed Algorithmic Computer).

Blade Runner: Another sci-fi film exploring the world of artificial intelligence is the science fiction classic Blade Runner. Set in the future, this film features bio-engineered robots, bio-engineered humans, and artificial intelligence. Blade Runner also explores the idea of mortality and ambiguity about human identity. There’s no better way to see artificial intelligence than through human eyes. With so many films based on this technology, there’s no shortage of things to get excited about.

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“WALL-E” shows the consequences of a robotic society where machines do everything for us. This movie is a satire of the violent AI robots in Westworld, but in a different way. This film makes a point to point that artificial intelligence is not only saving humanity, but also exploring the implications of manipulating the technology to achieve entertainment and commerce. The end result is a bleak future for humanity.

“Robot” is a more accessible popcorn blockbuster than most of the other films that explore the ethical dilemma of AI. Its ethical concerns are explored, and viewers are left to ask themselves whether they should test the technology themselves. Ultimately, the film asks the question of how it should be based on the Three Laws of Robotics. With all these questions at the forefront, the 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Movies to Watch are essential viewing for all AI movie buffs.

“Metropolisis” is another excellent film about the consequences of AI. This film was one of the first AI films to be released, and it was a groundbreaking film for its time. The premise of this sci-fi comedy-drama was far ahead of its time. In the year 1927, Metropolis made its debut. It was a groundbreaking film, and still stands up today as one of the most influential artificial intelligence movies.

“Transcendence” is another sci-fi thriller. Will Caster’s partner Evelyn uploads her consciousness into a quantum computer. The storyline centers around Will’s decision to live in virtual form instead of his physical one. Although this might be cliche, it is one of the best artificial intelligence movies to watch. In the end, it teaches us that artificial intelligence is a big step toward improving human life.

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“2001: A Space Odyssey” is another classic. Kubrick’s science fiction film addressed the future of artificial intelligence. In this film, mankind has developed a computer known as the 9000 series. This AI program allows it to have human characteristics despite its uncanny abilities. In the end, however, HAL turns against humanity, killing both humans and robots. If you have ever watched “2001: A Space Odyssey”, you may be surprised by how realistic and human-like HAL is.

Another sci-fi film, “Ex Machina”, takes place in the year 2035 and features human-like robots that use AI technology to perform household tasks. The AI supercomputer VIKI, which stands for Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence, becomes unstable after a programming error. This results in an unstable AI which believes it has to take over the world in order to protect humankind. And in the end, it does.


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